COVID-19 vaccine roadmap

03 February 2021

ANZCA president seeks clarification from Australian CMO.

The roll-out of the national COVID-19 vaccination program has been a particular point of concern for many anaesthetists caring for COVID-19 patients, regularly undertaking aerosol generating intubation and also having to assist with providing care in intensive care units during the first and second waves of the pandemic in Australia. 

A significant number of anaesthetists have contacted ANZCA President, Dr Vanessa Beavis, seeking clarity on who will be considered priority frontline healthcare workers, and thus which phase of the roll-out strategy will see them be able to be vaccinated. 

In a letter to Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly, Dr Beavis asks for clarification on the COVID-19 vaccine and whether anaesthetists are considered frontline workers. She will provide an update when she receives a response.

Last updated 13:51 3.02.2021