2021 CPD portfolio updates

From the start of 2021, your online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) portfolio will request you first complete your CPD Plan, and the CPD statements of participation and certificates of compliance now have a new look.

CPD Plan

You need to ensure your CPD plan is completed before you are able to add or confirm any new CPD activities. 
Taking a small amount of time to plan CPD for the next three years will assist in assuring that activities undertaken are meaningful and relevant to member’s needs. Participants can amend their CPD plan at any time during their triennium if needed. For more information on each step of the CPD plan, including examples of broad areas that may be considered when identifying knowledge and skills to learn about or develop further, refer to CPD handbook CPD Plan Appendix 17.
To complete your plan, log into your portfolio click the ‘CPD plan’ tab, and click ‘edit’ to respond to the seven listed questions.  Once you have entered your responses, click ‘save’ at the bottom of the page. Please note, the CPD plan functions will automatically time out after an hour so we recommend you save as you go.
Rebranded statements and certificate

Participants will also notice a change in their annual CPD statements of participation and certificate of compliance. This is to align with the college’s rebranding.  All details on statements and certificates will remain the same.
To access your annual CPD statements of participation and certificate of compliance for a previous triennium, simply click the Statements and certificates tab in your CPD portfolio, find the appropriate triennium, then click ‘download’ (under triennium summary). 
This will download a zip file to your computer containing all statements of participation for that triennium, your certificate of compliance and a triennium summary listing all activities entered.
If you encounter any issues, please contact the CPD team advising the device and browser you are using, and a screen shot (if possible).

Last updated 12:16 9.06.2021