CPD review project group embark on phase two

10 February 2023

Following the updated CPD program launch on 1 January 2023, the ANZCA and FPM CPD review project is now in phase two.

The CPD review project group (CPD-RPG) last met on 1 February 2023. Group members reviewed 2023 workplans and discussed engaging fellows and other CPD participants in the next phase of the project. They also reviewed updates on the recently formed practice without direct patient care reference group and the work to embed cultural safety and a focus on health equity across the CPD program.

2023 workplan


The following two tasks will be progressed over the next few months:

1. Review current CPD activities and consider development of new activities

We’ll develop criteria for all CPD categories (knowledge and skills, practice evaluation and emergency response) and then compare the CPD activities currently in our program to those offered by other specialist medical colleges and suggested by the regulators. We’ll consult with fellows and other CPD participants about updates to current activities and potential new ones.

2. Consider recognition processes

We’ll look at our current emergency response recognition process and consider whether this can be adapted to recognise other external educational resources. We’ll also consider how we could recognise other specialist medical colleges’ CPD programs.

Practice without direct patient care reference group

CPD-RPG members Dr Stephanie Oak, FPM Board Member, and Dr Lindy Roberts, ANZCA DPA Education, are co-chairing this reference group which aims to curate tools and guidance to support CPD for those who practice without direct patient care. The group will focus on practice evaluation – reviewing performance and practice evaluation – measuring outcomes. Whereas previously this group just had to complete the knowledge and skills category, the regulatory bodies now require them to also review their performance and measure their outcomes. We envision that the guidance and measurement tools curated by this group will also help those with direct clinical responsibilities with practice evaluation activities relevant to their roles and responsibilities beyond direct patient care. Examples include teaching, research, committee work, and practice/department/health service management.  

Embedding cultural safety across the CPD program

Work to embed cultural safety and a focus on health equity across the CPD program continues, with the cultural safety consultant group developing their terms of reference and a plan for 2023. The group last met in early December 2022 and discussed plans to develop a “cultural safety framework” to inform changes to the CPD program. Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori stakeholders will be consulted during development of the framework which will be delivered later in 2023. The group also discussed links between this work and other initiatives, including the college Reconciliation Action Plan, the position statement on cultural competence and the Council of Medical Colleges New Zealand and Te ORA's cultural safety training plan for vocational medicine in Aotearoa.

Have your say in the CPD review project

We want to ensure the CPD program is tailored to the needs of fellows, ANZCA provisional fellows, and other CPD participants. The first phase of the project (2022) was driven by ensuring our program, fellows and other CPD participants continue to meet regulatory requirements. However, phase two (2023) project work on enhancing CPD activities and considering recognition processes will be built on member enquiries and feedback. Therefore, we want to hear from you regarding what’s important for your CPD program. We’ll share surveys and connect with attendees at the ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting in May and also welcome individual feedback in the CPD inbox. We highly encourage you to send through your ideas and feedback.

Do you work in private practice?

We know fellows and other CPD participants working in private practice have a very specific context and need to tailor their CPD accordingly. If you work in private practice, we have several opportunities for you to provide feedback. Please send your expression of interest to the CPD team.  


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