CPD review project update - determining the CPD framework

08 April 2022

The CPD review project group has transitioned to stage two of the project plan, to determine the updated CPD framework and meet the new regulatory requirements.

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) review project review group (CPD-RPG) met in March 2022 to discuss the transition to stage two of the project plan - determining the updated CPD Framework. This involved drafting the determining the new CPD framework report and proposals.

Drafting the 'determining the new CPD framework' report

The report aims to evaluate our 2014 ANZCA and FPM CPD program, and to determine how our new CPD framework aligns with the Medical Board of Australia’s (MBA) Professional Performance Framework and revised CPD registration standard with an effective date of 1 January 2023, as well as the Medical Council New Zealand’s (MCNZ) recertification documents.

The CPD-RPG discussed in detail the reports proposals and the need for further evaluation and reflection before seeking formal consultation in April 2022. Details on how to get involved are below under ‘next steps’. The report is supported by analysis conducted on the project’s initial scoping and evaluation stage, most notably the 2014 – 2021 data from the online CPD portfolio to help provide an overview of fellows and CPD participant activities.  

Findings from literature review

As part of our evaluation, the ANZCA Library team supported the CPD-RPG to complete a literature review across research databases Medline, Embase, ERIC, Scopus and Google Scholar. From the 354 articles on CPD, maintenance of certification (MOC), continuing medical education (CME) and including terms for recertification, accreditation, education, regulation, specialist medical colleges, audit and verification, we identified 49 articles as suitable to the review project. 

CPD-RPG members completing the literature review found the articles with key themes of credits vs hours and structure of CPD programs particularly useful.

After reviewing the articles, members determined that our current CPD program is robust, is in line with other CPD programs and will benefit from minor improvements rather than big changes. Highlighted areas included the importance of CPD activities being well aligned with our education needs, and for CPD programs to reflect the quality of learning achieved rather than just the time spent to complete a task. It was also agreed that reviewing practice and performance is a valuable activity that should not be overlooked.
There were several articles that discussed simulation as a CPD activity. The possibility of including simulation as an activity in our CPD program will be further considered during the project.

Next steps

This stage is one of the most important parts of the review project, as it impacts CPD requirements for all fellows and CPD participants. It is envisioned to take place from March – June this year.

Following initial consultation on the draft report, formal consultation is anticipated in April 2022. We welcome any fellows or CPD participants interested in joining the consultation as part of our reference group to indicate their interest via email.

The CPD-RPG plan to seek formal approval of the CPD framework in June 2022, with plans to communicate changes with CPD participants mid-2022.  We recommend all CPD participants to make an active effort at best practice by recording CPD activities in your portfolio as you complete them in preparation for any changes.

Last updated 10:37 8.04.2022