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26 May 2021

Highlights from the 2021 ANZCA New Zealand Cultural Safety & Leadership Hui

Almost 16.5 per cent of the population of Aotearoa New Zealand identify as Māori (2021) and yet, across all medical specialities, the number of Māori doctors averages just three per cent. Additionally, Māori are over-represented in almost all serious health indicators. The question of how we get more Māori into specialities, and in front of patients, was a major focus for ANZCA's 2021 Cultural Safety & Leadership Hui, held at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds 26 - 28 Feb 2021.

Nearly half the presenters at the Hui were Māori specialists (mostly medical but some policy) and the rest were specialists in issues of welfare. The kōrero (discussion) was powerful. And there were some extraordinary presentations; extraordinary for their honesty, for their heart and for their strength.

We've selected some of the most memorable moments from the three-day event to share with you in the playlist below. For the best experience, watch on YouTube.

Highlights from the 2021 ANZCA Cultural Safety and Leadership Hui

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