2022 FPM board election

In October, we'll be inviting FPM fellows to forward nominations for three elected vacancies on the faculty board.

To allow for the transition of the composition of the board as outlined in the revised by-law 1: Faculty Board, in addition one position will be designated as ‘co-opted’ leading up to the 2022 FPM Annual General Meeting. The co-option process allows the board to ensure it has the skills and diversity required to progress its ambitious strategic goals. If a ballot is required for the elected positions, this will take place in January 2022. We use the information on your MyANZCA profile for all of official communications, so please take this opportunity to ensure that your contact details are up to date. 

Prospective board members are reminded that while there are no formal prerequisites for election or appointment other than being a fellow in good standing, the demands of leadership and governance that fall upon board members require a time commitment that should be planned for in between meetings as well as around board meetings. Interested fellows who wish to nominate are encouraged to discuss the time and level of commitment required with existing board members so they understand their potential responsibilities if elected or appointed.

Last updated 14:34 22.09.2021