FPM by-law and accreditation handbook updates

10 December 2021

We've updated By-law 19 (Accreditation of units offering training in pain medicine) and the Accreditation Handbook ahead of the 2022 hospital employment year (HEY).

The accreditation process  has been adapted to accredit Practice Development Stage (PDS) training sites. PDS training sites will be accredited by remote accreditation review held via Zoom. Interested units can apply by submitting the data sheet via email

With the introduction of PDS unit accreditation, Level two accreditation has been retired. Existing Level two units will either become an accredited PDS training site or pair up with an existing Level one unit as a satellite site in order to achieve Level one status. Some units may choose to be both a Level one and PDS accreditation training site. 

Trainees in the PDS who wish to work at a site that is not accredited may still apply to the faculty assessor for individual approval.

The faculty would like to thank all TUAC members, reviewers, faculty assessor and unit directors who contributed to updating By-law 19 and the Accreditation Handbook

Last updated 09:33 10.12.2021