By-law 4 and Training Program Handbook updates

06 December 2021

We’ve published updated versions of by-law 4 and its accompanying training handbook ahead of the 2022 hospital employment year.

The key changes to by-law 4 and the Training Handbook are outlined below but there has also been a tidy up of some terminology across both publications. 

See some changes below:

  • Practice development stage (PDS) proposals for training time at an accredited pain medicine unit will be automatically approved and no longer reviewed by the assessor.
  • Recognition of prior experience can now be applied for during the core training stage (CTS) but prior to submitting a practice development stage proposal. 
  • Information on applying for a trainee bursary and the doctors’ health and wellbeing support resources have been included in the handbook.  
  • There has been a change of process for applicants joining the program with an international based primary qualification. This change doesn’t apply to trainees already in the program. 

Last updated 14:51 6.12.2021