Changes to FPM board and committees

The appointments of new board members and committee chairs were announced at the faculty's Annual General Meeting (AGM).

At the FPM New Board meeting held on 9 May, the faculty welcomed co-opted members Dr Tipu Aamir (chair of the New Zealand National Committee); Dr Stephanie Oak from NSW and Dr Gretel Davidson the New Fellow member, from NSW.  

Five nominations were received for three vacancies on the 2021 FPM Board. Associate Professor Michael Vagg, Dr Kieran Davis and Dr Susie Lord were all successfully re-elected to the FPM Board. The faculty acknowledges the considerable contributions made by former Dean and retiring board member Associate Professor Meredith Craigie, retiring member Dr Melissa Viney and Dr Kylie Hall who concluded her term on Board as the New Fellow member.

The following changes in committee chairs appointments and ‘role’ were endorsed by the FPM Board, with the remaining positions reappointed for a further 12 months:

We would like to acknowledge and thank FPM fellows for their continued support in progressing the work of the faculty.

Last updated 15:57 17.05.2021