Changes to the FPM curriculum

06 December 2021

The faculty has now completed a comprehensive review of the training program curriculum to ensure its accuracy and quality.

Sections updated in 2021 include essential topic areas (ETAs) 3.2 (acute pain), 3.5 (visceral pain), 3.6 (cancer pain), 3.7 (headache and orofacial pain) and 3.8 (complex regional pain syndrome).  All learning outcomes in the revised ETAs were reviewed with respect to redundancy, relevance and assessability, with a key focus on simplifying the curriculum to improve its utility for trainees and supervisors of training.

Please see the new curriculum document here

We’re now commencing a similarly comprehensive review of the training program assessment strategy and processes. This will be a long-term piece of work, with no changes to be implemented in 2022. We’ll seek feedback from trainees and supervisors of training at different stages throughout the review. We look forward to engaging with you to inform the continuous improvement of the training program.

Last updated 14:51 6.12.2021