FPM Board meeting update

22 August 2022

Read a report of the FPM Board meeting held on 24 July 2022.


Australian Medical Council (AMC) and Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) Accreditation
Following months of work and preparation, the AMC / NZMC accreditation team conducted a series of meetings and interviews between 25-29 July, with staff, fellows and trainees as part of the college’s reaccreditation application. The AMC team are now preparing a draft report addressing each of the accreditation standards. 

The faculty would like to acknowledge the tremendous efforts made by Professor Milton Cohen and Juliette Whittington, with regards to the accreditation submission. The faculty also acknowledges the contributions of the many fellows, staff and trainees who were involved in this process. 

FPM by-laws
FPM By-law 1 ‘The Board of Faculty’ has been updated, to bring it into alignment with changes to the ANZCA constitution approved at the May 2022 ANZCA Annual General Meeting. The updates primarily relate to the composition of the FPM Board and changing the name of the ‘FPM Annual General Meeting’ to ‘FPM Annual Business Meeting’. The latter change is reflective of the fact that the FPM Board is not the ‘corporate board’ of the organisation.  In addition, By-law 1 has been updated to ensure that it is succinct, logically structured, contains defined terms, supports democratic processes, and reflects the current context of the faculty.  

New Executive Director – NZ
Stephanie Clare joined the college on 7 March 2022 in the role of Executive Director, New Zealand.  Stephanie has worked for the past six years as the Chief Executive Officer of Age Concern New Zealand.  The faculty welcomes her to the team, particularly at this important time as New Zealand heralds in health service reforms mid-year.

AMC and MCNZ re-accreditationNew chair FPM Research Committee (previously the Research & Innovation Committee)
The faculty welcomed Dr Martine O’Neill as the new chair of the FPM Research Committee, taking over the reins from Dr Chris Hayes who stepped down earlier this year.


New model of care for NZ
For the past two years senior FPM fellows in New Zealand have been working with the Ministry of Health to develop a new model of care for the delivery of pain services aimed at addressing current issues and health inequities.  

This new model is intended to deliver pain services through a provider network model, with New Zealand divided into four hubs and assessed by a local team, to ensure equity of access to treatment, improved operational capacity and enable multidisciplinary care and services to be available to everyone. Research and education will become important components of the model.

Drafting of the model has now been completed and endorsed by the Director General, prior to being forwarded to the Minster of Health for final sign off. If approved, the high-level document will be socialised, and an implementation plan then developed.  Further advocacy will be undertaken with the New Zealand Health Authority and the Māori Health Authority to ensure that the model is integrated across the various health services and becomes operational.

Continuing Professional Development

The CPD Review Project Group was established to review the college CPD program (which caters for over 6600 CPD participants), to ensure it meets the Medical Board of Australia and Medical Council of New Zealand’s revised requirements. The ANZCA Council recently reviewed and approved the updates to the 2023 ANZCA and FPM CPD program. Communication of the new CPD requirements and transition process to CPD participants will commence on 2 August.  


Inaugural 'Pain School'

The faculty is supporting the new painSTAR initiative, and the inaugural Pain School will be held in the Barossa Valley between 13-17 November 2022. The aim of the initiative is to help support early and mid-career researchers across Australasia to translate research into practice. The initiative is being led by the Australian Pain Society and Immediate Past Dean Associate Professor Mick Vagg, who will be presenting to candidates at the Pain School. This is a key initiative in fostering research in pain management.

Strategic projects

National Pain Management Health Practitioner Education 
The final draft of the National Pain Management Health Practitioner Education Strategy was submitted to the federal Department of Health on 29 July.  This is the culmination of two years of work for the faculty, including extensive literature reviews and stakeholder consultations.  The project has been led by former Dean Associate Professor Meredith Craigie.

Professional affairs

End of an era...
This was the last board meeting attended by Professor Milton Cohen as Director of Professional Affairs (DPA) FPM. Milton will be stepping down from his role as DPA, however, he will remain engaged in other key faculty activities.  At the meeting, the board members extended their sincere appreciation to Milton for his outstanding leadership and guidance, acknowledging his substantial contribution to the work and development of the faculty.

This is a significant event in the faculty’s history and a tribute is planned for the December issue of the ANZCA Bulletin, as well as a formal farewell later in the year.

The position of FPM Director of Professional Affairs will be advertised on the college website.

2023 Emerging Leaders Conference
Dr Susie Lord has been appointed the Board Member-in-Residence for the 2023 Emerging Leaders Conference to be held at Voco Kirkton Park, Hunter Valley, NSW.

Staff changes
The faculty recently farewelled Cassie Sparkes, the Project Lead for Education and Research.  Cassie devoted nine years to supporting the faculty in both the training and research areas and has been involved in key innovations and developments across both portfolios. Cassie was a much-loved member of the team, and we wish her all the best with her future career. 

The faculty warmly welcomes Maral Tecer into the new role of Manager, Strategic Marketing.  Maral has extensive experience in marketing, relationships and stakeholder engagement.  Maral will support the faculty in growing its profile and in relationship and advocacy activities.

Change in FPM Board meeting date
The December FPM Board meeting has been rescheduled from Saturday 3 December to Sunday 4 December 2022.
2023 FPM Board meeting dates
Sunday 19 February
Sunday 2 April
Sunday 7 May (Annual Business Meeting and New Board meeting)
Sunday 23 July
Thursday 12 October
Sunday 10 October


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