FPM Burwood visit heralds good news

The Burwood Pain Management Centre in Christchurch has been assured of its future following an FPM visit with staff and management.

Just under a year ago it was revealed that the Burwood Pain Management Centre was facing massive cuts. However, following a successful visit to Christchurch by the FPM deputy dean Dr Kieran Davis and FPM New Zealand National Committee member Dr Tipu Aamir on 5 July, the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) has assured FPM representatives and staff that the site's future is now safe and there will be more of a partnership with the faculty to continue to grow the service and the training.

The visit included meetings with staff and management of the CDHB, zooming in the FPM Dean, Dr Mick Vagg for some of the discussion. By the end of the day there was a commitment to the service and talk of a potential injection of funds and support. It is believed that increased staff engagement and co-designed targets for service delivery will lead to better outcomes for this critical South Island chronic pain service.

Last updated 12:34 8.07.2021