Faculty makes major NZ breakthrough

The Ministry of Health has invited FPM NZNC to lead the design of a Pain Specialty Model of Care framework.

The Faculty of Pain Medicine New Zealand National Committee (FPM NZNC) has been working behind the scenes for the last few years in an effort to partner with the New Zealand Ministry of Health to develop an equitable solution for chronic pain sufferers. Presently there are only specialist pain medicine services attached to a few of the 20 district health boards meaning chronic pain sufferers have difficulty accessing specialist pain medicine physicians and the multidisciplinary clinics.

The ministry has invited FPM NZNC to set up and lead an expert advisory group (EAG), using lessons learnt from Australia and Canada to create a New Zealand-specific clinical model.
The Model of Care framework will look at the current state of pain medicine in New Zealand. It will work on the best model for the future of the health system taking into account major changes signalled by the Health and Disability System Review.
Cooperation from other medical colleges has already been signalled after FPM NZNC Chair, Dr Tipu Aamir, presented on a possible National Pain Strategy to the Health Practitioners Policy Forum in December 2020.

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Last updated 16:57 16.02.2021