Join our FPM panel of examiners

23 March 2022

With the continued growth of our activities, we have opportunities available for FPM fellows to get involved with our training and exam processes.

We invite FPM fellows with three years post-fellowship experience to submit an expression of interest for the following existing roles: 

  • Examiners – involved in several FPM exam and assessment activities including setting of the exam content, assessing candidates at the fellowship exam and external long case assessments, and marking clinical case studies.  
  • Long case assessors – examine candidates at the external long case assessment, held regionally once or twice a year.  

This is an opportunity to work collaboratively to support future specialists, and engage with your fellow professionals to ensure the quality of pain medicine training and examinations. For more information about these roles, please contact us.  

Last updated 15:09 23.03.2022