FPM research network

21 October 2021

Interested in pain research? We’re inviting fellows to help us develop a proposal for a new research network.

The Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM) recognises the critical role research plays in underpinning pain medicine practice, and is committed to nurturing research by facilitating collaboration, driving a culture of research and quality improvement, and promoting research opportunities across the career life cycle.  

In an exciting new initiative we’ll be exploring the creation of a network that functions as a community of practice for researchers within FPM. The roles of the network will be examined within the current context of research within the faculty, college and externally, but may include:

  • Providing a forum to pitch or co-design projects with major benefit for the sector
  • Facilitating networks of researchers to promote multicentre studies
  • Supporting researchers through mentoring, feedback, and a guide to resources
  • Providing endorsement for research funding applications
  • Organising research-based educational sessions and workshops.

How to get involved

Whether you're a seasoned researcher or just starting out, we're seeking fellows of all abilities to join this group. It's a great opportunity to get involved at a grassroots level and play a part in imagining what a valuable, effective FPM research network might look like. To find out more or to express an interest in this opportunity, please contact us.  

Last updated 11:49 22.10.2021