Media digest: 2019

01 January 2020

A digest of college news coverage from 2019

Pharmaceutical giant Mundipharma hit with hefty fine over misleading opiod drug information (, December 23, 2019)   

How one anaesthetist is fighting international medical research fraud (The Conversation, October 8, 2019) 

Codeine overdoses dive following over-the-counter ban (The Age, October 3, 2019)

"Fast food" general practice compromising treatment for those seeking pain relief (The New Daily, September 29, 2019) 

More than three Australians died very day last year due to opioids (, September 25, 2019) 

When do you know how much pain is 'normal' and when to seek treatment? (The Age, September 19, 2019) 

How anaesthesia works (3RRR, September 1, 2019) 

Government crackdown on prescription opioids leaving chronic sufferers in a world of pain (, August 26, 2019)  

Chronic pain sufferers left untreated for years as Ballarat specialists cope with high demand (, July 27, 2019)

People living with chronic pain face high rates of stigma, survey finds (The Age, July 22, 2019) 

Heart burn: man's chest catches fire during surgery (Cosmos, June 4, 2019)

Staring down the barrel of pain and debt: endometriosis' untold cost (Sydney Morning Herald, June 2, 2019)

'Two converging fronts' spark fears for end-of-life doctors (Sydney Morning Herald, June 3, 2019) 

 Young Aussies taking opioids at highest rate in world, survey finds (The Age, May 16 2019)

New prescription monitoring system reveals thousands of Victorians are at risk of harm (, May 14 , 2019)

Script-shopping software raises red flags but doctors want more support for addicts (The Age, April 3, 2019)

No pain, anxiety or depression. For this woman, even childbirth was a 'tickle' (The Age, March 29, 2019)

The small town doctor taking on the billionaire family blamed for America's opioid crisis (, March 19, 2019)

Study finds 'no increase in opioid use' since codeine was made prescription-only (, March 11, 2019) 

General anaesthesia on babies: 'one brief dose, no damage to brain" (New Zealand Herald, March 5, 2019)

A scientfic dope dive: What's the evidence for medical marijuana? (; February 20, 2019)

Anaesthetists say patients at risk after flawed oxygen guidelines (The Guardian, February 18, 2019)

A short, one-off exposure to general anaesthesia in infancy is unlikely to impact children's development (Yahoo! News Singapore, February 16, 2019) 

Cough syrup withdrawals: codeine bad uncovers hidden addictions (Brisbane Times, February 12, 2019)  

Mildura anaesthetist making a difference overseas (Sunraysia Daily, January 18, 2019)

Former soldier and opioid addict declared 'at risk of death' a year before fatal overdose (, January 15) 

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