Monthly media digest: August/September 2022

28 September 2022

A digest of college news coverage for August/September 2022

Past FPM dean discusses developments in pain medicine

The immediate past dean of FPM, Associate Professor Mick Vagg, was interviewed on ABC Radio Perth's Mornings program with host Nadia Mitsopoulos on 28 September.

A/Prof Vagg was interviewed for 15 minutes about chronic pain and latest research into new generation medication and treatments.

NZ FPM fellow interviewed about chronic pain 

The immediate past chair of the FPM NZNC Dr Duncan Wood featured in a Radio New Zealand online package on Tourette Syndrome and chronic pain on 3 September.

Dr Wood told Radio New Zealand that multidisciplinary pain management services focused on trying to give people the knowledge and skills to lead a rich and fulfilling life despite what they were experiencing.

"Often pain relief has a very limited lifespan for effectiveness and carries with a side effects that can be worse than the benefit that comes with it."

FPM NZNC fellow discusses endometriosis

NZ fellow Dr Karen Joseph was interviewed for a Newshub article on 29 August about endemetriosis.

Dr Joseph, a member of the FPM NZNC runs a pelvic pain clinic in Christchurch. 

She told Newshub there is an immense unmet need in New Zealand for specialist help for people living with persistent pelvic pain. 

Epidural kit shortages

ANZCA's Safety and Quality Committee chair Associate Professor Joanna Sutherland was interviewed on ABC Radio Hobart's morning program on 9 August about Australia's epidural kit shortage.

A/Prof Sutherland was interviewed for 15 minutes by presenter Mel Bush.

An article in The Conversation was published on 3 August by ANZCA fellow Professor Alicia Dennis: "How do epidurals work and why is there a shortage?" .

The article was syndicated to ABC online and reached more than 500,000 readers.


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