Monthly media digest: January/February 2022

A digest of college news coverage for January/February 2022

How useful are pulse oximeters for managing COVID at home? 

A/Professor Stu Marshall and Professor David Story co-authored an article for The Conversation on 13 January explaining what pulse oximeters do and why they can be useful when managing COVID at home.

A/Professor Marshall was also interviewed by ABC news radio about the devices in a five minute interview adn this reached an audience of 150,000 people.

Propofol and anaphylaxis  

The extremely rare allergy to propofol (featured in the ANZCA 2021 Summer Bulletin) was the focus of an article in the Herald Sun on 13 January.

The page 5 article "Josh drug shock will save lives" included an interview with Jo Traikos whose personal account of her son Josh's case featured in the ANZCA Bulletin.

Professor David Story, chair of ANZCA's Safety and Quality Committee told the Herald Sun  it was a surprise when testing revealed Josh had an anaphylactic reaction to the drug in the same way other children do to nuts or eggs.

As a result, a safety alert as well as a change in hospital and transfer protocols has been issued. Patients going into comas or intensive care no longer receive Propofol or other drugs if there is a remote chance they have caused their situation. 

What to have in your at home COVID-19 medical kit

ANZCA fellow Dr Morgan Edwards gives advice on what to to stock up on for your home management COVID-19 medical kit in this Stuff article as New Zealand gears up for the Omicron variant.

Impact of Omicron on Victoria's hospitals

ANZCA councillor Professor David Story, head of the Department of Critical Care at the University of Melbourne, was interviewed for an Age article on 7 January about how Victorian hospitals are coping with the Omicron surge.

Professor Story said medical staff who were not specialists in emergency medicine or intensive care, were increasingly being asked to fill in shifts for furloughed senior doctors, nurses and allied healthcare workers.

“We are trying to provide the best possible supervision of those people but it’s just increasingly hard with more and more people being exposed every day,” the senior anaesthetist said.

FPM dean features in Guardian Australia report on chronic pain and exercise

Associate Professor Michael Vagg was interviewed for a Guardian Australia article "How to move with chronic back pain" on 4 January.

“Any single treatment in low back pain is never enough by itself,”  A/Professor Vagg said.

“But exercise is a fundamental part of recovering from low back pain and managing it if it becomes persistent.”

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