FANZCA awarded an OBE in England.

13 July 2021

New Zealander Dr Roger Hall, FANZCA, FRCA, FFICM, has been awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE).

Dr Hall has been honoured for his work as Medical Director at the Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and for services to the NHS and his role in the COVID-19 response in the East of England.

Dr Hall says the OBE was awarded in large part because of the excellence of Royal Papworth Hospital although he says he is proud of the role he played in maintaining and developing this standard.

He gives two striking examples of the work. “In 2018 we were the first hospital in England in 30 years to gain "Royal" status. This honour was granted by the Queen on the basis of decades of pioneering work and innovation in cardiothoracic medicine and surgery over many decades.”

Dr Hall says the second example relates to the 2019 assessment by the Care Quality Commission (CQC is England’s quality and safety regulator). “The CQC assess five domains in a hospital's performance (safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led) and we were the first hospital in England to be awarded an "outstanding" rating in all five domains.”

On the COVID-19 front, he says the pandemic has occupied much of his and his hospital’s time since March last year. “We managed the most ICU patients in the East of England (population seven million). One of our advantages was that we did not have an emergency department so every patient treated came from another ICU and we had to stand up an enhanced transfer service very quickly.”

Dr Hall says their aim was to transfer the sickest patients. “Over the two waves we took in nearly 300 critically ill patients, 100 of whom required extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). The team also managed 1000 ECMO advice calls and have just successfully discharged a patient who was on ECMO for 140 days.”
We will hear more about Dr Hall’s work during COVID-19 in the Spring Bulletin.

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