Results of the 2022-2024 regional and national committee elections

13 April 2022

Congratulations to the candidates who have been successfully elected to the regional and national committees this year.

Thank you to all of the candidates who nominated for positions, and to everyone who voted in the recent elections. Results of the FPM elections will be ratified at the FPM New Board Meeting on 1 May, 2022. Results of the ANZCA elections will be ratified at the ANZCA New Council Meeting on 3 May, 2022.

Australian Capital Territory

ANZCA ACT regional committee

  • Dr Martin Dempsey
  • Dr Adam Eslick
  • Dr Jennifer Hartley
  • Dr Natalie Marshall
  • Dr Manasi Rai
  • Dr Bibhuti Thakur


New South Wales

ANZCA NSW regional committee

  • Dr Gabrielle Brady
  • Dr Shanel Cameron
  • Dr Stefan Dieleman
  • Dr Jessica Lim
  • Dr Michelle Moyle
  • Dr Frances Page
  • Dr Veronica Payne
  • Associate Professor Nicole Phillips
  • Dr Kanan Shah
  • Dr Michael Stone
  • Dr Sharon Tivey
  • Dr Sally Wharton

FPM NSW regional committee

  • Dr Vahid Mohabbati
  • Dr Alan Nazha
  • Dr Jane Standen
  • Dr Milana Votrubec
  • Dr Andrew Weiss
  • Dr James Yu



ANZCA Queensland regional committee

  • Dr Hannah Bellwood
  • Dr Sarah Bowman
  • Dr Wallace Grimmett
  • Dr Usha Gurunathan
  • Dr David Highton
  • Dr James Hosking
  • Dr Paul Lee Archer
  • Dr Claire Maxwell
  • Dr Shannon Morrison
  • Dr Christine Pirrone
  • Dr Christopher Stonell
  • Dr Soon Yee Teoh

FPM Queensland regional committee

  • Dr Hannah Bennett
  • Dr Anju Tessa James
  • Dr Joseph Kluver
  • Dr Gunjeet Minhas
  • Dr Joann Rotherham
  • Dr Zoe Vella


South Australia and Northern Territory

ANZCA SA/NT regional committee

  • Dr Waleed Alkhazrajy
  • Dr Rachelle Augustes
  • Dr Richard Church
  • Dr Nicholas Harrington
  • Dr Matthew Jenke
  • Dr Divahar Kumar
  • Dr Nagesh Nanjappa
  • Dr Heidi Robertshaw
  • Dr Alexander Smirk

FPM SA/NT regional committee

  • Dr Michelle Harris
  • Dr Irina Hollington
  • Dr Tim Semple
  • Dr Andrew Somogyi
  • Dr Graham Wright


ANZCA Tasmania regional committee

  • Dr Pravin Dahal
  • Dr Lia Freestone
  • Dr Bruce Newman
  • Dr Margo Peart
  • Dr Jana Vitesnikova
  • Dr Sam Walker
  • Dr Joanna Walsh



ANZCA Victoria regional committee

  • Dr Lahiru Amaratunge
  • Dr Kate Barrett
  • Dr Adriana Bibbo
  • Associate Professor Pierre Bradley
  • Dr Lakmini De Silva
  • Dr Dean Dimovski
  • Dr Tabara Dione
  • Dr Emma Goodyear
  • Dr Kaylee Jordan
  • Dr Nam Le
  • Dr Helen Roberts
  • Dr Patrick Tan

FPM Victoria regional committee

  • Dr Louise Brennan
  • Dr Guy Buchanan
  • Dr Jason Chou
  • Professor George Mendelson
  • Dr Clayton Thomas
  • Dr Kiran Tippur
  • Dr Noam Winter


Western Australia

ANZCA WA regional committee

  • Dr Lisa Alarcon
  • Dr Jennifer Bruce
  • Dr Peter Garnett
  • Dr Owen Gray
  • Dr Simon Hellings
  • Dr Charlie Ho
  • Dr Bridget Hogan
  • Dr Jodie Jamieson
  • Dr Marlene Johnson
  • Dr Ryan Juniper
  • Dr Joseph Ong
  • Dr Tania Rogerson

FPM WA regional committee

  • Dr David Hamilton
  • Dr David Holthouse
  • Dr Brian Hue
  • Dr David Sommerfield
  • Dr Roger Tan


New Zealand

ANZCA NZ national committee

  • Dr Leinani Aiono-Le Tagaloa
  • Dr Lisa Barneto
  • Dr Joanna Claire Coates
  • Dr Rachel Dempsey
  • Dr Tom Fernandez
  • Dr Ralph Fuchs
  • Dr Geoffrey Laney
  • Dr Brendan Little
  • Dr Sarah Nicolson
  • Dr Graham Roper
  • Dr Timothy Starkie
  • Dr Jennifer Taylor

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