Join the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network Executive

07 February 2022

We’re seeking expressions of interest for upcoming vacancies on the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network (CTN) Executive.

Appointment of members will take into consideration the following:

  • ​Expertise and experience in clinical trial research within the CTN community of researchers
  • Post graduate training in research methodology
  • Willingness to contribute to, or past record of facilitating the activities of the CTN executive.

We ask applicants to address the above criteria in their application, and indicate any particular areas of clinical trial research, leadership, engagement and advocacy experience. Other factors that may be considered include diversity in practice, gender and regional representation.

Please note, members of the executive aren’t restricted to ANZCA and FPM fellows and trainees. Newly appointed members will commence from 2 May 2022 with full participation in committee duties.

Expressions of interest should be submitted via email by 10 March 2022. Please include a cover letter and full curriculum vitae.

The terms of reference for the CTN executive can be viewed here.

Last updated 08:56 30.03.2022