New emerging researcher award

13 July 2021

The ANZCA Patrons Emerging Investigator Research Award and funding grant is designed to assist emerging researchers.

The new award and associated grant of up to $A70,000 will be conferred by the ANZCA Research Committee every year as part of the annual ANZCA research grant round, along with the foundation’s other prestigious awards.
The award has been named to honour and recognise the outstanding long-term giving of ANZCA Research Foundation patrons; donors who have either pledged annual donations of $1000 or reached total giving of $5000 or more in Australian or New Zealand dollars.
As well as increasing recognition of our valued patrons, the new award is a targeted ANZCA Research Strategy initiative supporting emerging researchers. It will provide a new pathway between our novice investigator grants, which each provide up to $A20,000, and project grants which provide up to $A70,000. The award will provide a new opportunity to help investigators develop the skills and abilities needed to access the larger project grants in the future, while competing with their emerging investigator peers at a similar level.

Am I eligible?

Eligibility to apply for the new award will be restricted to researchers who have:

  • Not received any grant of more than $A20,000,
  • ​Not been principal investigator on more than two successful peer-reviewed grants; and
  • Not had more than five peer-reviewed publications as first author.

The ANZCA Patrons Emerging Investigator Research Award will open for applications from 1 December, 2021, with guidelines and application forms available on the college website.
Learn more about becoming a patron here.

Last updated 11:20 21.07.2021