New prof doc new classification system

14 December 2021

We've re-labelled our professional documents to make them easier for you to find.

Our newly developed document framework policy applies to all college corporate and professional documents. Its purpose is to ensure that processes in development/review of documents are rigorous and consistent. The policy introduces a new classification system as follows:
Professional document titles remain unchanged, however they will be relabelled under the new classification system:

  • PG for professional document guideline
  • PS for professional document position statement
  • CP for corporate document policy

The discipline will be identified in brackets after the existing professional document number:

(G) = general (all disciplines)
(A) = anaesthesia
(PM) = pain medicine
(POM) = perioperative medicine

PS [number] (A) - PS02(A) Position statement on credentialling and defining the scope of clinical practice in anaesthesia
PG [number] (G) - PG07(A) Guideline on pre-anaesthesia consultation and patient preparation
CP [number] (A) - CP24(G) Policy for the development and review of professional documents

Last updated 11:00 14.12.2021