Safety and quality update: July 2023

17 July 2023

New this month: Safety alert update on Karl Storz C-MAC blades, cosmetic surgery reforms update, media coverage on use of Ozempic and delayed gastric emptying, and webAIRS

New Safety Alert

Cosmetic surgery reforms update

The Medical Board of Australia has released a statement advising it has deferred the requirement that medical practitioners only perform cosmetic surgery in accredited facilities or in facilities working towards accreditation with the ACSQHC. 

Media coverage about Ozempic and delayed gastric emptying

Dr Ben Olesnicky’s article in the Winter ANZCA Bulletin about surgical risks owing to delayed gastric emptying for patients taking the medication, Ozempic, for diabetes or weight loss was subsequently reported by the Herald Sun medical journalist, Robyn Riley. The topic received wide media coverage among $1.2 million readers across syndicated print and online platforms.

Human factor adverse events reported to webAIRS 

Since 2009, webAIRS has received 393 incidents relating to human factor adverse events among the 643 incidents classified within the main category of Infrastructure and System. The human factor subcategories include: 157 communication incidents, 33 in the combined subcategories of distraction, haste and fatigue; 25 pressure to proceed incidents; 51 patient and ward delays; and 127 equipment and environment issues.

WebAIRS is interested in expressions of interest from Anaesthetists wishing to assist in the analysis of this data. For any enquiries, please email 

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Last updated 11:14 11.09.2023