ANZCA and protected titles

20 December 2021

ANZCA's President Dr Vanessa Beavis has released a media statement explaining the titles "anaesthetist" and "specialist anaesthetist". "Anaesthetist" isn't a protected title under the Australian national law.

Australian investigative journalist Adele Ferguson sought the views of ANZCA and President Dr Vanessa Beavis for an opinion article in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald on 18 December 2021 about the use of the titles "anaesthetist" and "specialist anaesthetist."

Ms Ferguson has spent several months investigating the practices of cosmetic surgeons and the 18 December article is the latest in a series.

"The problem is the law. Under the current system, the title cosmetic surgeon isn’t protected and neither is the title anaesthetist," Ferguson wrote.

You can read the ANZCA media statement here.


Last updated 10:06 21.12.2021