ANZCA endorses climate report

02 December 2021

Medical colleges say climate change is the biggest current threat to the future of the Australian healthcare system and is calling on the Federal Government to commit to stronger 2030 targets.

Ten medical colleges, including ANZCA, have endorsed a report which paints a dire picture of the future of the Australian healthcare system under the unmitigated impacts of climate change.

The report, commissioned by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, includes a model of the cost of bushfires of varying magnitudes modelled between 2021 and 2030 inclusive. The analysis predicted the loss of 1480 lives, equating to 4024 years of life; healthcare costs of $A69 million; and a $10 billion impact on gross domestic product.

The report, prepared by the Monash Sustainable Development Institute, makes several recommendations.

ANZCA President, Dr Vanessa Beavis said: “Anaesthetists are well positioned to contribute to solutions to reduce healthcare’s environmental impact. ANZCA has established an Environmental Sustainability Network, which will drive the profession to advance sustainable healthcare practice, promote research, and support education in this area.” 

The media release is here. 

Last updated 16:39 2.12.2021