ANZCA Statement on JobKeeper

17 September 2021

College statement explaining the Australian JobKeeper subsidy.

17 September 2021

Recent Australian online reports have referred to JobKeeper subsidies provided to medical colleges in 2020.
ANZCA appointed independent external auditors to confirm our eligibility for JobKeeper. Our revenue fell by nearly 20 per cent between 2019 and 2020 (excluding government grants such as the Specialist Training Program), putting us well within the eligibility criteria for Jobkeeper. Thanks to Jobkeeper, we have been able to retain our staff.
The pandemic made 2020 a difficult and tumultuous year, with many of our fellows and trainees playing a key role as frontline clinicians in hospitals and intensive care units.
During these challenging times, our staff continued to support our fellows and trainees, adapting our exams and educational events to be held on new online platforms and in many more locations than usual. 
As our fellows and trainees were focused on their critical clinical roles, and to save costs, a number of important college projects and activities were put on hold in 2020.
The uncertainty facing the Australian and global economy in mid-2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic developed meant the college’s financial position could well have resulted in a substantial deficit.

However, while our revenue dropped, we achieved a surplus in 2020. This was due largely to a temporary reduction in operating expenditure with the deferment of many costs such as travel and events, including the ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting, and research grants, and thankfully better than predicted returns on our investments.

There are significant additional costs that will flow into 2022 and beyond, associated with the deferral of costs including the challenges of maintaining the training program and conducting exams across Australia and New Zealand as well as resuming many other activities that had been put on hold.
The college and its senior management worked hard to reduce costs where possible and the prudent management of our assets meant our fellows’ and trainees’ fees did not increase in 2021, and no fee increases are planned for 2022.

As a not-for-profit organisation, ANZCA’s councillors, CEO and other staff are not paid bonuses and we do not pay dividends.
If you have a subscription to Australian Doctor the article on 14 September provides a balanced account of ANZCA’s financial position.

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