Vaccination for healthcare workers

09 September 2021

ANZCA calls for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations of all hospital healthcare workers

Dr Beavis said the surge in COVID-19 case infections in Australia and in New Zealand highlighted the urgency of ensuring that all frontline healthworkers, including support staff, are vaccinated.

“We know just how fast the Delta variant of the virus can spread so it really is crucial that hospitals and health departments stress the importance of vaccinations for the safety of hospital healthcare staff, not just doctors, nurses and other clinicians, but for all staff including administrative, cleaning employees and contractors as a priority,” she said.

“Anaesthetists are experiencing at first hand the impact of COVID-19 in hospitals where they are applying their intubation skills to ventilate patients in operating theatres, ward emergencies and ICUs”.

The evidence is clear – double dose vaccination protects against severe COVID-19 symptoms and hospitalisation.”

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Last updated 17:02 9.09.2021