Medicare Benefit Scheme (MBS) pain medicine and anaesthesia item mapping changes from 1 March 2022

17 January 2022

Changes to item mapping in the MBS affecting both pain medicine and anaesthesia will come into effect on 1 March 2022.

The Australian Government Department of Health has advised ANZCA and FPM of changes to item mapping in the MBS affecting both pain medicine and anaesthesia. These changes will come into effect on 1 March 2022.

Changes to pain medicine items

A number of changes to pain medicine items have been made following the MBS Review Taskforce recommendations for pain management, which involved consultation with stakeholders including ANZCA and FPM. Information on the changes, including explanatory factsheets, is available from MBS Online: Pain Management Services Changes. The Dean of the Faculty of Pain Management, Associate Professor Michael Vagg, will provide further analysis of the impact of these changes in the coming weeks.

Minor changes to anaesthesia items

A small package of minor changes to anaesthesia items has also been implemented. The actionable changes are:

  • All time unit value items, 23010 – 24136:
    • It will be mandatory to record the start and end times for all procedures billed under the relative value guide.
  • Item 21214, Initiation of the management of anaesthesia for total hip replacement or revision:
    • This item will be split into two items – 21214, primary total hip replacement, and 21215, revision total hip replacement – to more accurately reflect the differing levels of complexity involved in these procedures.

More information on the changes is available from the MBS website.

Last updated 10:33 18.01.2022