ANZCA collaborating on diploma in retrieval medicine

27 October 2022

We're collaborating with other specialist colleges to participate in the recently established Conjoint Committee in Pre-Hospital and Retrieval Medicine.

The Conjoint Committee in Pre-Hospital and Retrieval Medicine (CCPHRM) provides a diploma in prehospital and retrieval medicine. This diploma aims to provide a formalised educational program in this field.  

If you're a consultant anaesthetist or a senior anaesthesia trainee, this diploma could be one way of extending your capabilities in prehospital and retrieval medicine (PHRM) and opening further opportunities in this field.

The CCPHRM is also hoping to offer alternative pathways if you can meet certain criteria and have previous training and/or experience in PHRM. These alternate pathways may only be offered for a short time.

More information on the CCPHRM and the diploma can be found here.

Last updated 09:57 27.10.2022