2021 Examination prizes

The Renton Prize, Cecil Gray Prize and Merit Awards are awarded to eligible candidates who have reached a standard considered by the Examiners to be sufficiently high to justify the award.

This year’s winners are:

The Renton Prize was awarded to:
2021.1 - Natalie Sarah Elizabeth Smith of Western Australia
2021.2 - Mason Ross Habel of Victoria
For the primary exam, Merits were awarded to Kieran Patrick Robinson of Western Australia (2021.1), Neeban Balayasoderan of Queensland (2021.1), Louise Marie Rafter of Queensland (2021.1), Joseph William Collinson of New Zealand (2021.1) and Katherine Ann Davis of Victoria.(2021.2)
For the final exam, merits were awarded Devin John De Groot of New Zealand (2021.1), Walston Reginald Martis of New Zealand (2021.1), Michael John Busser of Queensland (2021.1), Kiran Bharath Venkatesulu of Western Australia (2021.1)  Ella Louise Houston of Queensland (2021.2) and Jacqueline Van Lai of New South Wales (2021.2).

No Cecil Gray prize was awarded for 2021.1 exam or 2021.2 exam.

Congratulations to all award winners.

Last updated 15:00 25.11.2021