2022 Examination prizes

24 November 2022

The Renton Prize, Cecil Gray Prize and Merit Awards are awarded to eligible candidates who have reached a standard considered by the examiners to be sufficiently high to justify the award.

This year’s winners are:

The Renton Prize was awarded to:
2022.1 -  Alexandra Lauren Carle of Western Australia
2022.2 - John Peter Webster of Victoria

The Cecil Gray Prize was awarded to:
2022.1 - No prize awarded
2022.2 - Alexander James Garner of New South Wales
For the primary exam, Merits were awarded to:
Declan Alexander Thomas Scott of Western Australia (2022.1), Jayson Woei-Liang Leow of Victoria (2022.2), Peter Petrus of Queensland (2022.2), Kyriakos Philippos Matsis of New Zealand (2022.2), Luka Simun Cosic of Victoria (2022.2) and Lachlan James Gan of New South Wales (2022.2).

For the final exam, merits were awarded to:
Peter Robert Stanley Forrest of Victoria (2022.1), Nathaniel John Hiscock of Victoria (2022.1), Rebecca Elizabeth Madigan of South Australia (2022.1), Joel Michael Krause of Western Australia (2022.2) and Alexander Charles O'Donnell of Queensland (2022.2).

Congratulations to all award winners.

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