Anaphylaxis online course under construction

04 July 2022

The Networks perioperative anaphylaxis response course is currently under construction to meet the newly published ANZAAG Anaphylaxis guidelines.

The perioperative anaphylaxis response online course is currently under construction to meet the newly published ANZAAG Anaphylaxis guidelines, with access paused while updates are made.

The perioperative anaphylaxis response online course was launched in 2018 and made available to members through the college’s learning management system, Networks. The course is based on the Australian and New Zealand Anaesthetic Allergy Group (ANZAAG)/ANZCA Anaphylaxis Management guidelines. Given the release of the new anaphylaxis guidelines, updates to the course content are also required.

How have members engaged with the anaphylaxis online course?

Since its launch in 2018, the anaphylaxis online course has been claimed over 4528 times as a continuing professional development (CPD) emergency response - anaphylaxis activity. This accounts for over two thirds (68%) of all fellows and CPD participants!

Improved online course is on its way

Given so many CPD participants and fellows have already completed this online module – this provides the opportunity to build a new and improved course that is informed by the experts. The college are in contact with Dr Karen Pederson who has been instrumental in the drafting of ANZAAG’s new guidelines, and to ensure the new guidelines are accurately mapped over into the course content.

While work is underway to review the anaphylaxis online course and meet the new ANZCAAG guidelines, we do not have a specific completion date. Please keep an eye out for future updates.

How can I complete anaphylaxis learnings in the meantime?

Our monthly events e-newsletter is sent out at the end of every month with information about upcoming ANZCA and FPM run events. You can also visit the events calendar to view all our meetings and courses plus other clinical events and courses in your area. Connect with other fellows and book in your in-person training - following the last few years of zooming and screen time!

The full list of college-recognised emergency response activities is available on the CPD webpage here.

We appreciate your patience and are excited to share the new and improved Anaphylaxis online course with you soon. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Networks team.

Last updated 13:55 4.07.2022