New library guide for communicator role

07 February 2022

We’ve established a new library guide to support communicator role activities.

The communicator role project group was established in early 2020, aimed at identifying and developing resources to support communication activities that help establish rapport, trust, and ethical therapeutic relationships with patients and their families. The intention was to assist trainees, special international medical graduates (SIMGs) and fellows achieve the specified learning outcomes in this area of the curriculum.
The project group focused on four key areas:

  • Identifying and collating a list of existing communicator role resources (including written materials, face-to-face workshops, and online courses) both internal and external along with mapping those to the curriculum.
  • Reviewing current learning outcomes in the communicator role for gaps and providing recommendations for consideration by Education Development Executive Committee (EDEC).
  • Expanding the current communicator role library guide.
  • Creation of video resources to demonstrate effective communication techniques using simulated patients and health professionals. 

New library guide

This communicator role library guide includes informative, accessible and diverse training resources for trainees, SIMGs and fellows. Within the library guide you’ll find journal articles, books, videos, websites, and framework (LAURS and NURSE) details. These online resources are relevant to all anaesthetists, available wherever you are in the world. 
The creation of this library guide and video resources production has only been possible because of the tremendous work put in by the project group. Its online delivery will continue to support rural and remote anaesthetists.

Last updated 13:25 24.08.2022