Trainee bursaries

Applications for the 2021 trainee bursary are now open.

ANZCA provides a number of bursaries to assist trainees who are experiencing financial hardship. Eligible trainees can receive up to a 50% reduction in their annual training fees. All applicants will also receive an extension to the annual training fee due date.
Applicants must be registered as a trainee with ANZCA. Successful applicants will be notified by the end of February 2021. Applications close 31 January 2021

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Key information

  1. All bursary applications are assessed equally, regardless of an applicants’ gender, race, religion, or other personal attributes.  
  2. Bursary applications must be received by the due date of 31 January 2021.
  3. The college provides a maximum of 20 bursaries per year. Successful applicants will receive a 50% reduction of the annual training fee.
  4. Applicants must be registered as a trainee with ANZCA
  5. New trainees are also encouraged to apply, and may be eligible for a 50% refund of their annual training fee
  6. Those not eligible to apply include:
    • Applicants to the training program.
    • FPM trainees.
    • Trainees who are suspended or have conditions placed on their registration.
    • Trainees undergoing a trainee performance review (TPR) process.
  7. The bursary assessment process includes a review of trainee income and expenditure. This assessment is made on the basis of information supplied by the trainee using the bursary application form, supporting documentation, and the minutes of previous Trainee Bursary Evaluation Sub-Committee meetings.
  8. Factors considered for eligibility include:
    • Voluntary or low paying humanitarian service.
    • Illness (including personal or family related illness that impacts a trainee’s ability to work full time or reduces a trainee’s ability to work).
    • Unexpected expenses beyond an applicant’s reasonable control.
  9. Factors not considered for eligibility include:
    • Reduced income due to parental leave.
    • School fees.
    • Mortgage(s), hire-purchase(s) or loan repayments.
    • Completing multiple training programs.
  10. Final approval to award ANZCA training bursaries lies with the Trainee Bursary Evaluation Sub-Committee.

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