SIMG changes coming soon

Important information relating to changes to the SIMG process, effective 1 January 2022.

Following a review of the specialist international medical graduate (SIMG) process a number of changes have been made to the process. These are detailed below. The SIMG team will review existing SIMG files and contact you if the changes impact your Individual program. 

CPA reports

CPA reports must be submitted within six months of the end date of the report period. Reports submitted later than this may not be credited towards the required CPA. 

Terminology changes

  • ​The term “SIMG performance assessment” (PA) replaces the term “SIMG workplace based assessment”. All other aspects of the PA remain the same.
  • The term “interruption” replaces the term “on hold”. Clarification on the activities which can be undertaken during a period of interruption are outlined below.
  • The term “preliminary review” replaces the term “preliminary assessment”. All other aspects of the preliminary review remain the same.

Interruption to the CPA period

SIMGs can complete all activities during a period of interruption except accruing time towards their CPA requirements and completing the SIMG PA.

Duration of the CPA period

The interview panel may (at their discretion) reduce the CPA period for SIMGs, to a minimum of six months FTE if the SIMG:

  • Is substantially comparable and has previously worked in a suitable position in the Australian or New Zealand health system for at least six months; or
  • Is partially comparable and has previously worked in a suitable position in the Australian or New Zealand health system, for 12 months FTE or more; or
  • Is substantially or partially comparable and was in an approved post at the time of interview that they had occupied for at least six months.

Pain summative assessments

Pain medicine SIMGs will be required to complete either the SIMG PA or the FPM SIMG examination. The SIMG examination comprises the oral components of the FPM examination. SIMGs will no longer be required to undertake the written sections of the examination or the long cases or the case based discussion. The decision on whether they must complete the examination or the PA will be made by the interview panel.

Multi-source feedback

During their individual program all SIMGs must complete the MSF activity described in the ANZCA and FPM CPD program. SIMGs who undertake the PA can claim credit for the MSF completed during their PA. Those who need to complete the SIMG exam will need to complete this activity separately.

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