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Reg 42 - Assessment of short-term training applications for anaesthesia and pain medicine for intern


ANZCA Bulletin feature March 2019

RACS surgery in children Feedback Letter

College feedback on the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) position paper on surgery in children (paediatric surgery).

Reg 35 - ANZCA certificates and diplomas

This regulation guides the development, implementation and planning for sustainability of new qualification programs that recognise the attainment of special knowledge, skills and experience in areas of medicine related to the practice of anaesthesia, perioperative medicine an...

FPM by-law 3 - Fellowship of the faculty

Fellowship of the Faculty of Pain Medicine is a post-specialisation qualification. Admission to fellowship of the faculty is contingent upon the holding of a primary specialist qualification acceptable to the FPM Board.

2023 POM SIG program

Download the 2023 POM SIG program here

TPS clinical placement review ICM form


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