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STP consent form

CPD Appendix 4.2DHM Multi Source Feedback Self Assessment Form

Letter from Dr Vanessa Bevis to Dr Ashley Bloomfield re NZ vaccination rollout 20210217

Letter from ANZCA President, Dr Vanessa Bevis to Dr Ashley Bloomfield, Director-General, NZ Ministry of Health re the NZ COVID-19 vaccination rollout 20210217

FPM Practice Assessment Pathway Assessment checklist

Use this checklist for endorsement criteria to become endorsed in pain medicine procedures via the practice assessment pathway

DHM Case based discussions

SOV/OSCE guidelines

CPD Appendix 24 Wellbeing Guidelines Education Sessions

CTN Trivia questions 2022

2022 CTN workshop trivia questions


2022 CTN workshop- Part 2 trivia answers

2022 FPM Spring Meeting HCI-Prospectus

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