Dr Geoffrey Speldewinde



Faculty of Pain Medicine Board Member

Geoffrey Speldewinde is a consultant in rehabilitation and pain medicine in a private community-based multidisciplinary clinic that he has established in Canberra along with psychologists, physical therapists and other associates. His role in the clinic focuses on the medical aspects of achieving an adequate diagnosis and management of the sensory components of pain including utilising the full range of interventional techniques, allowing the emotional, cognitive and physical aspects to be better managed by his specialist colleagues.

He has been director of hospital-based specialist rehabilitation medicine services, on the executive of The Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (treasurer), Australian Pain Society (president), and now the Faculty of Pain Medicine, loitering with intent. He has organised several national scientific meetings for these organisations, published a couple of papers and posters, and given numerous presentations to specialist and primary care colleagues, and consumers. He has been a keen member of the Spine Intervention Society since approximately 1993, and has served on various committees, and is a fellow of Interventional Pain Practice of World Institute of Pain.

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