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What's new?

Two specialities; one site

The biggest change we’ve made is to combine the content of the ANZCA and FPM websites into a single “super site”. This resolves a range of issues we identified in the research phase, including inconsistencies arising when duplicated content got out of sync; an inability to search both sites at once; and confusion caused by crossing back and forth between sites where content was shared.

We’ve worked closely with key stakeholders to ensure that the new site will not only continue to support the specific needs of both specialties, their fellows, trainees, SIMGS, and communities of interest, but also enhance the user experience by providing seamless access to shared content such as CPD, SIMG processes, doctors’ health and wellbeing, news, events, and professional documents.

Bringing both specialties together in a single site will also increase the exposure of our pain medicine training program, and the faculty’s research and advocacy work. Our new branding – which is central to the site’s visual design – will help to cement the relationship, and build on other initiatives intended to forge a stronger bond, such our newly combined strategic plan

We’ve also created a standalone FPM business page to support the faculty’s specific business objectives. 

Clean, contemporary visual design

The new site uses strong, iconic imagery; powerful messaging; and bold typography to showcase who we are; what we do; and why we do it. People are at the heart of everything we do, so we've put our fellows, trainees and the people they care for front and centre.

Clean lines, block colour, and white space create a contemporary look and feel that people associate with cutting edge clinical colleges, and make the content easy to read on any device. As you travel through the site, you'll see how we've brought our new corporate identity to life. Graphic design and colour create connections and themes that help users identity items of interest (for example, the use of the "FPM green" to denote pain medicine content).

A smart, streamlined user experience

We've made it a lot easier for you to find what you're looking for. According to web experts, a user should be able to complete any action in three clicks or less. And we think we've achieved that. 

For a start, we've reduced the number of pages and PDFs by about 70 per cent, from 7800 to 2300 by retiring redundant content; restructuring what remained; and taking advantage of tools such as accordions to condense content.

We've also made the site a lot easier to search and navigate. In addition to the traditional site-wide search, you can now search for specific things like news, events, and job vacancies. Over the coming months we will be rolling this out to documents and other resources, making it even quicker to find what you need.

Because every piece of content is tagged, you can search for similar information by simply clicking on a tag. We also recommend related content (a feature you may be familiar with from online retail sites like Amazon).

Fresh, engaging content

Of course, efficiency isn't the only objective. We've recognised the potential of our website to be a powerful promotional tool for the college; the work we do; and the people and specialties we represent. Content you can share with your friends and family.

So you'll see a stronger focus on things like patient information, advocacy, and research. And a lot easier to share via your social networks.

The new design and structure support a wide range of visually engaging content, such as magazine-style feature stories and multimedia. The language we use is friendlier, and we've structured information in a more manageable, logical way, meaning it will be more easily accessible to a wider range of people. 

Where to find your favourite content

We've gone from having two websites with nearly 8000 pages, to one website with less than 3000. But don't worry; we've kept everything we think you need. So if you can't find it, we've probably just put it somewhere more logical. These quicklinks should help you get used to the "new normal". Don't forget to update your browser bookmarks.

Links to our satellite sites haven't changed. But here they are anyway: 

You can access them through your MyANZCA portal, and throughout the site. Please note that you will still need to login separately to the TPS and CPD Portfolio services for the time being. But rest assured, it's on our radar.

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Last updated 17:15 4.07.2020