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UPDATE: Dantrolene supply compromise

The supply of Dantrolene (Dantrium) is compromised. ANZCA has asked the TGA to expedite licensing of alternative brands.

ANZCA and Choosing Wisely

ANZCA launches five recommendations for Choosing Wisely Australia which aims to eliminate practices that are not evidence-based and may be harmful.

Service for Professor Ross Holland

A memorial service for the late Professor Ross Holland will be held in the Great Hall of the University of Sydney on Monday March 27 from 12-2pm.

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ANZAAG symposium: rego open

Registration is now open for the Australian and New Zealand Anaesthetic Allergy Group symposium, being held September 15-17 in Auckland.

ASM program highlights

Big data. Big innovation. Big technology. And some pretty big names too. Including Dame Quentin Bryce; Professor Ian Frazer; and OperaQ!

2017 Airway SIG meeting: rego open

Join a panel of international and Australasian experts in Brisbane this May to discover, discuss and debate the BIG airway questions.

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