ANZCA Clinical Trials Network

ANZCA Clinical Trials Network

The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists has a strong commitment to improving the evidence base of anaesthesia, pain and perioperative medicine. Research into perioperative outcomes is an important priority aimed at improving the quality and safety of anaesthesia care.


In 2009, the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network implemented its co-location to Monash University's School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine with a Memorandum of Understanding between the College and Monash.

The primary goal of the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network is to improve the evidence base of anaesthesia by endorsing high quality, multicentre randomised controlled trials and related research. Members of the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network are highly skilled in the theory and practice of research methodology and have a record of success in the co-ordination, conduct and management of large multicentre randomised controlled trials. ANZCA Clinical Trials Network investigators have received over $A32 million in total research funding. Currently, ANZCA Clinical Trials Network trials are conducted at more than 130 sites worldwide. 

The ANZCA Clinical Trials Network also provides research infrastructure support for Fellows and trainees of the College for survey research purposes and administers the Pilot Grant Scheme. The network has also developed a business case for the employment of anaesthesia research co-ordinator. This document is intended to assist anesthesia researchers in building their own research departments and can be obtained from:



Mentoring scheme

The CTN Executive has developed a mentoring policy for ANZCA or FPM Fellows and trainees who are undertaking, or wishing to undertake, research in anaesthesia, perioperative medicine, pain medicine or related disciplines. The mentoring policy outlines eligibility and the mentoring process, which is arranged by the CTN Executive. Click here to download a copy of the policy.


ANZCA Clinical Trials Network Strategic Research Workshop 9th Annual Meeting

The ANZCA CTN will host its 9th annual strategic research workshop at Crowne Plaza Coogee, New South Wales from August 11-13, 2017. Registrations and call for abstracts will be open in March 2017. For up-to-date information about the workshop, click here


Current trials

Current trials recruiting patients. New sites are welcome. For more information and to register your interest, click on the links below


Planned trials

The ROCKet Study is currently in the start-up phase and has not commenced recruitment. For more information and to register your interest, click here. 

Trials in follow-up

  • RELIEF Trial - Restrictive versus liberal fluid therapy in major abdominal surgery

Completed trials

  • ATACAS Trial - Aspirin and Tranexemic Acid for Coronary Artery Surgery
  • ENIGMA-I Trial
  • ENIGMA-II Trial
  • POISE-1
  • B-aware Study
  • MASTER Trial
  • REASON Study


Karen Goulding

ANZCA Clinical Trials Network Manager

Phone: +61 3 9903 0942

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