ANZCA Clinical Trials Network

ANZCA Clinical Trials Network

The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) has a strong commitment to improving the evidence base of anaesthesia, pain and perioperative medicine. Research into perioperative outcomes is an important priority aimed at improving the quality and safety of anaesthesia care.

The ANZCA Clinical Trials Network is a world leader in providing high quality clinical trial evidence to inform the best clinical practice in anaesthesia, pain and perioperative medicine. The network is a large collaboration of trial investigators and coordinators across dozens of centres in Australia, New Zealand and throughout the world. ANZCA Clinical Trials Network trials are investigator-led and therefore regarded as public good trials, where they seek the definitive answers for the best practice that is relevant to practitioners, patients and policy makers.


Aims and objectives of the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network:

  • To improve the evidence base of anaesthesia by conducting high quality, multicentre randomised controlled trials and related research.
  • To innovate in clinical trial methodology and delivery.
  • To translate high quality evidence into routine practice.
  • To foster a capable network of sites, leaders and collaborators.
  • To enable emerging researchers in the field of anaesthesia, pain and perioperative medicine. 
  • To promote high quality research and a strong research culture within departments.
  • To partner with key stakeholders to address key challenges to improve funding, research capacity and efficiency in trial delivery. 

About the Clinical Trials Network

Clinical trials

Members of the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network are highly skilled in the theory and practice of research methodology and have a strong track record of success in the co-ordination, conduct and management of large multicentre randomised controlled trials. ANZCA Clinical Trials Network investigators have received more than $A37 million in total research funding.

ANZCA Clinical Trials Network trials are conducted at more than 130 sites worldwide with many more new sites coming on board our trials. For more information on how your site can participate in mulitcentre research and how the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network has contributed to high impact evidence to improve practice and patient safety, click on the links below:

Pilot studies and grants

The ANZCA Clinical Trials Network Executive administers the pilot grant scheme. Applications for 2019 funding round close on October 4, 2019. For more information, click on the link below:


Resources and support 

A number of resources have been developed for ANZCA and FPM Fellows and trainees to either get started in research or to build on their career in research. These resources includes access to the Pilot Grant Scheme and Mentorship Scheme. The Clinical Trials Network Executive also administers survey research on behalf of the College for Fellows or trainees wishing to survey members. 

The Clinical Trials Network Executive endorses high quality studies mounted by other groups. For Fellows or trainees wishing to participate in Clinical Trial Network-endorsed clinical trials at their site, the clincal trial managers will help you navigate ethics and research governance process. We have also developed a business case to help justify the employment of anaesthesia research co-ordinator at your site. 

For more information about the resources and funding opportunities available, please click on the relevant links below:


Annual strategic research workshop

Every year the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network Executive runs an annual strategic research workshop to develop new multi-centre research proposals that may lead to large studies. The meeting aims to strengthen collaboration among Fellows, trainees and research co-ordinators in a central location. The workshop also provides opportunities for delegates interested in getting started in multicentre research to meet face-to-face with trial project team members and hear the latest about clinical trials network research. 

Anasethesia Research Coordinators Network

The Anaesthesia Research Co-Ordinators Network is an informal network of research coordinators and research nurses most of whom are facilitating anaesthesia research across Australia and New Zealand. The ANZCA Clinical Trials Network Executive has formalised the Anaethesia Research Coordinators Network Sub-committee to represent this network. Together they aim to support research co-ordinators faciliatating anaesthesia research and to build a sustainable network. For further infomation about the network, click on the link below:



Karen Goulding

ANZCA Clinical Trials Network Manager

Phone: +61 3 9903 0942

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