Emergency response activities

Here you will find emergency response activities and courses that have been recognised as suitable for the ANZCA and FPM CPD program. Emergency response activities require prior recognition of suitability by ANZCA. 

New CPD emergency response standard

A new emergency response standard on acute severe behavioural disturbance (ASBD) for adult patients has been developed and approved for implementation in the ANZCA and FPM CPD program from 2019.

Please view the table below for the ASBD emergency response standard and recognition of suitability application form along with further details. 

CPD emergency response standards review complete

The Standards for the ANZCA and FPM CPD Programs Emergency Response activities are regularly reviewed to ensure currency and accuracy is maintained. This review was last completed in 2018. Please note: the emergency response recognition of suitability application forms and standards were last updated on October 1, 2018.
Course providers running emergency response education sessions (workshop/courses) recognised by the college will need to meet the updated standards, regardless of course approval expiry date by December 31, 2018.


List of recognised emergency response activities

The following emergency response activities have been recognised as suitable for the ANZCA and FPM CPD program. 

List of recognised emergency response courses

The following courses have all been recognised as emergency response activities. Click to view the recognition codes.


Recognition of suitability process

Emergency response activities require prior recognition of suitability by ANZCA. Before submitting an application for recognition, please read the relevant emergency response standard. Application forms for recognition of suitability should be completed and submitted, along with a copy of the outline or structure of the intended course or workshop, by the facilitator.

If your application is approved, you will receive the following: 

  • Confirmation that the course delivered from that date is recognised as suitable.

  • A recognition of suitability code that needs to be recorded by all ANZCA and FPM CPD Program participants who complete the recognised course. The recognition provided by ANZCA will have an expiry date. Prior to this date, ANZCA will contact the course provider to request a new application. 

  • Wording to use in advertising materials.

  • A reminder that any changes to the course content recognised by ANZCA will result in the activity no longer being valid as an emergency response activity. A new application will need to be submitted if a courses content is changed.

  • A reminder that the course is not an ANZCA course, cannot be ANZCA branded, is not accredited, and that the quality of the delivery of the course cannot be assured by ANZCA.


Recognition of suitability application forms Standards for emergency response activities
CICO Appendix 12 - CICO
Cardiac arrest Appendix 13 - Cardiac arrest
Anaphylaxis Appendix 14 - Anaphylaxis
Major haemorrhage Appendix 15 - major haemorrhage
Acute Severe Behavioural Disturbance (ASBD) Appendix 21 - ASBD
Applications should be submitted to the CPD team . They can take approximately ten business days to be processed. If you have any further queries please contact the CPD team on +61 3 9510 6299 or at cpd@anzca.edu.au 

Information regarding the inclusion of the ASBD emergency response standard:

  • ASBD emergency response courses/workshops with recognition of suitability may be claimed in their CPD portfolio from January 1, 2019. 

  • This will be introduced as the fifth emergency response standard for the ANZCA and FPM CPD program.

  • The triennial CPD requirement remains at two emergency response activities per triennium, for participants with the clinical practice type.

  • The change to the CPD Standard is an increase from four to five options in the Emergency response category.

  • The above recognition of suitability process for all emergency response activities will remain the same. 

Please contact the CPD team for further information on +61 3 9510 6299 or at cpd@anzca.edu.au.

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