Clinical trials

The Clinical Trials Network wants to build on the success of its multicentre research by engaging all ANZCA sites (especially two to three-year accredited training sites) to participate in our trials. 

We believe Fellows and trainees supporting multi-centre research to improve the evidence base to guide safe and effective care should be core to their role as a medical specialist, so they and their patients can reap the many benefits of participating in clinical research. 

Running a large number of trials requires recruitment of thousands of patients and this work cannot be done without the dedication of people at our sites across the entire network. 

We aim to increase the capacity of our network and are calling for new sites - including private, rural and regional hospitals - to join our trials to enable a higher recrutiment rate and allow more trials to be conducted and completed on time and within budget. There are now more than 130 sites worldwide participating in our trials and we welcome new sites to join. 


Current trials

Below is a list of current trials recruiting patients. For more information and to register your interest, click on the links below.


Trials in follow-up

Completed trials


For a full list of ANZCA Clinical Trials Network publications, click here. 

To find out more information about our trials and how your site can participate, contact the clinical trials network manager or phone +(61) 3 99030942. 

Follow the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network on Twitter for the latest updates on clinical trials and activities. 

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