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Anaesthesia and cognitive decline in adults

Deterioration in memory, thinking ability and concentration – collectively referred to as cognitive
decline – has been reported to follow anaesthesia and surgery. This particularly affects the elderly.


Airway Resources

Airway Assessment

This airway assessment resource has been produced for use by ANZCA Fellows and trainees to improve understanding and guide management of airway assessment and difficult airways. It is the first of an airway resource series and complements the Transition to CICO resource document (and ANZCA professional document PS61). See the report here.

Transition to CICO

A comprehensive report on "Transition from supraglottic to infraglottic rescue in the 'can’t intubate can’t oxygenate’ (CICO) scenario" has been prepared by the ANZCA Airway Management Working Group. See the report here.

Australasian Anaesthesia


 Australasian Anaesthesia (the Blue Book) is produced every two years and is one of the great benefits of being a Fellow or trainee of ANZCA.


Fellows and trainees of the College can access Australasian Anaesthesia 2015 as a flipbook which can be viewed on smart devices, laptops and PCs and also be downloaded as a PDF file. See here (password protected).


Past editions of the Blue Book can be accessed below:

Search for articles from Australasian Anaesthesia 2003 up to the latest edition through the Informit Health collection database.

Acute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence

150x120-acute-pain.gifAcute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence is published every five years by ANZCA and FPM and covers a wide range of clinical topics, combining a review of the best available evidence for acute pain management with current clinical and expert practice.

The document can be accessed as a flipbook which can be viewed on smart devices, laptops and PCs and also be downloaded as a PDF file.


How to order

Hard copies of the fourth edition of Acute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence were mailed out on Monday May 30, to Fellows and trainees who registered their interest. If you would like a copy of the book and have not yet registered your interest please email with your name and College ID.
Additional hard copies are available for purchase by submitting an order form..

Mortality reports


ANZCA annual reports

Past annual reports are available here.

BDSH report

ANZCA considers bullying, discrimination and harassment unacceptable behaviour that will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Fellows and trainees acting as College representatives are responsible for ensuring an environment free of this behaviour. 

In 2015, the College established a Bullying, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Working Group chaired by ANZCA President, Associate Professor David A Scott.

Their report can be found 


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