2013 training program

Information about the training program is relevant for anaesthesia trainees in Australia and New Zealand and fellows involved in the delivery of training.


Regulation 37: Training in anaesthesia leading to FANZCA, and accreditation
of facilities to deliver the curriculum. 

Regulation 37 governs the ANZCA training program.

A copy of regulation 37 can be found here.


ANZCA training program Curriculum

The curriculum articulates to trainees, fellows, other professional groups and the general
public the learning outcomes to be met by ANZCA trainees through a combination of
supervised clinical experience, courses, scholarly pursuits, self-directed learning and other
educational activities. It provides the basis upon which learning opportunities and assessments
will be focused.  It builds on the knowledge, skills and professional attributes that trainees
initially develop during medical school and postgraduate medical education and training, and
extends them into the context of anaesthetic care.  It also promotes continuing professional
development and contributions to the specialty after fellowship is attained.

A copy of the ANZCA training program curriculum can be found here

ANZCA Handbook for Training 

The ANZCA Handbook for Training is the ‘gateway’ to all information related to the ANZCA training
program commencing the 2013 hospital employment year in Australia and New Zealand, including
becoming a trainee (eligibility and selection), an overview of the training program, recognition of
previous experience and a glossary of terms and abbreviations. It encompasses relevant College
policy, high-level processes and an overview of the curriculum. It is designed to inform and
guide potential trainees, Fellows, training facilities and other parties.

A copy of the ANZCA handbook for training can be found here.

ANZCA Handbook for Accreditation

The ANZCA Handbook for Accreditation contains all information related to the accreditation of
hospital departments and other training sites for the ANZCA training program. It encompasses
relevant college policy, high-level processes and an overview of the accreditation process.
It is designed to inform and guide potential training facilities and other parties.
A copy of the ANZCA handbook for accreditation can be found here.

​**Note: To ensure that users have access to the latest version of the ANZCA Handbook for Training and  Accreditation and the ANZCA training program curriculum, the version and date of each document appears within. There will be periodic updates to the documents on this page so please consider this if you print any copies. The College only provides these documents online and not in print.


Support resources

Networks is the ANZCA learning and collaboration management system. It provides Fellows, trainees, SIMG and staff of the college and faculty with the support resources for training, supervision and continuing professional development.
A series of teaching and learning cases, along with other support materials for fellows and trainees engaged with the training program can be found in Networks.

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