2013 training program

Information about the 2013 training program is relevant for trainees in Australia and New Zealand and Fellows involved in the delivery of training.


The curriculum and handbook

Key improvements to the training program relate to scholar role requirements and volume of practice (VOP) amendments.

Scholar role requirements apply from the respective start dates of the Australian and New Zealand 2017 hospital employment years (HEY) and are detailed on the scholar role training page.

Reduced volume of practice targets apply for Australian and New Zealand trainees from December 5, 2016 and are reflected in the training portfolio system.

Further volume of practice targets reductions will be implemented for the 2018 HEY.

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ANZCA training program Curriculum


ANZCA Handbook for Training and Accreditation

ANZCA training program Curriculum
    ANZCA Handbook for Training and Accreditation
Appendix 1 - Training requirements for each training period
    Appendix 1 - ANZCA Guidelines on assessment
Appendix 2 - Learning outcomes mapped to the primary examination
    Appendix 2 - Trainee remedial interview record guideline 
Appendix 3 - Learning outcomes mapped to the initial assessment of anaesthetic competence questions

  SOT Checklists for assisting the trainee experiencing difficulty
Appendix 4 - VOP and WBA requirements for each of the ANZCA Clinical Fundamentals
    Appendix 3 - Guideline for documentation – SOT meeting with a trainee experiencing difficulty
Appendix 5 - VOP and WBA requirements for the specialised study units     Appendix 4 -  Transition arrangements for those in training at start of 2013 HEY
      Appendix 5 - IAACQ Sample Questions
      Appendix 6 - Clinical practice review questions
      Appendix 7 - Scholar Role Activity transition arrangements for those already in training at the start of the 2017 hospital employment year    

To ensure that users have access to the latest version of the ANZCA Handbook for Training and Accreditation and the ANZCA training program Curriculum, the version and date of each document appears within. There will be periodic updates to the documents on this page so please consider this if you print any copies. The College only provides these documents online and not in print.


Regulation 37

Regulation 37: Training in anaesthesia leading to FANZCA, and accreditation of facilities to deliver this curriculum governs the program and is available here.

Teaching and learning cases

A series of teaching and learning cases can be found in Networks, ANZCA's online learning and collaboration system, in the Curriculum teaching and learning support network.


Curriculum revision project background

Documents relating to the outcomes of the curriculum revision project are available in Networks, under the Curriculum, teaching and learning support network.


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