Equivalent courses and exemptions

Trainees must complete an ALS course, or equivalent course, in every core unit, including PFT.
Exemptions and equivalent courses are listed below:

  Completing this …

 Exempts you from…                                                 

   Instructor at advanced life support (ALS)


   Advanced life support instructor course

   Advanced life support instructor re-accreditation


   CICO (if relevant for the core unit the EMAC
   is completed in)

   Advanced paediatric life support (APLS)

   Paediatric life support

   Instructor at advanced paediatric life support

   Advanced paediatric life support (APLS)
   instructor course

   Early managment of severe Trauma (EMST) 

   Trauma team member for the inital assessment
   and resuscitation of a multi-trauma case.
   Note:EMST course required if volume of practice is not

   Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) 

   Primary Trauma Care

   Emergency Trauma Management Course (ETM)

   Definitive Surgical Trauma Course (DSTC)

   Definitive Anaesthetic Trauma Care Course


ALS requirement in PFT

Trainees who commence PFT prior to the HEY 2019 will not be required to complete an ALS course during PFT.
Trainees who cannot fulfil the requirement and have completed an ALS1 or ALS2 within the last 4 years, within a previous core unit, may apply to the DPA Assessor for an exception.

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