Provisional fellowship training

Trainee positions

In order to move into provisional fellowship training, trainees must complete the requirements of advanced training and commence working in a suitable provisional fellowship position.

Before commencing provisional fellowship training, all trainees must notify the college of their provisional fellowship training plans and seek approval if required. There are two categories of provisional fellowship training plans to choose from: 
  1. Pre-approved plans
    Trainees choosing plans from the pre-approved plans list must provide the following details via email to the college prior to commencement of provisional fellowship training:

    • Predefined position ID (refer to the list of pre-approved provisional fellowship study plan).

    • Copy of employment contract confirming position title and the start and end dates. If the position title in the contract does not match the title listed online, the supervisor of training or head of department may confirm via email. 

  2. Individualised fellowship plans 
    Trainees can choose to use the provisional fellowship year to focus on developing special expertise in an ANZCA role or roles or in sub-specialised areas of practice. Such experience may be gained in training positions in organisations or departments not currently approved for training, including overseas positions. Please use the trainee application guidelines when completing your application. Application forms are available here:

Please note: Trainees undertaking provisional fellowship training on a part-time basis will need to submit a part-time training application together with their provisional fellowship training application.


Promotion of provisional fellowship positions

ANZCA lists all pre-approved provisional fellowship positions here and the table includes links to government recruitment websites where provisional fellowship position employment opportunities may be listed. Hospitals are also able to use the ANZCA website’s anaesthesia job vacancies section here to advertise positions. 

The College is unable to use its database and/or emailing system to actively promote provisional fellowship positions on behalf of hospitals or other external organisations.


Hospitals are encouraged to apply to the College for approval of the provisional fellowship study plans they offer. This form must be signed and submitted by a supervisor of training, department director or deputy director. Applicants are encouraged to make use of our Application Guidelines when completing a Training Site Application.



Training Site application form
Training site re-application form

Example training site application.



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