Note: Fees for Australian and New Zealand trainees are now overdue. Trainees who have not paid their fees will have the interval between January 31 and the receipt of payment by the college deemed interrupted training.

Trainees who do not pay their fees by February 28 will lose access to the training portfolio system.



New applicants and trainees

Information regarding the fees payable upon joining the college is available on the application and registration page.


How to pay your fee

  • Payment can be made online via the ANZCA portal at https://members.anzca.edu.au. Once payment has been successful, you will be sent a receipt via email.
  • Applicants and trainees in Australia may pay via BPAY®. You can obtain ANZCA’s BPAY biller code and your reference number by clicking the link above. If you pay via BPAY, please submit your ongoing acknowledgement of the training agreement via email to training@anzca.edu.au
  • If you prefer to send your payment to the college, please use the payment form (2019).


Continuing applicants and trainees 

  • Continuing applicants must pay an annual application maintenance fee. If you have obtained a training position for the coming hospital employment year, you are required to register as a trainee and are not required to pay the maintenance fee. The registration process should be completed within four weeks of commencing training.


  • Continuing trainees must pay an annual training fee. Reduced fees may be available for trainees undertaking part-time training and/or interrupted training.


Trainees undertaking part-time training for a continuous period of at least 52 weeks
  • If you will be in part-time training for a continuous period of at least 52 weeks you need to apply for part-time training. Following approval, your annual training fee invoice will be amended based on the percentage of full-time equivalent (FTE) rounded to the nearest tenth plus an administration fee. 
  • If you will be in part-time training for less than 52 weeks continuously you will need to pay the full annual training fee. 
  • You must submit the application prospectively to the college as effective from 2019 hospital employment year (HEY) no more than four weeks prior to receipt of application and supporting documentation will be eligible for approved vocational training (AVT) and therefore may affect your eligibility for a reduced annual training fee.
  • Please allow adequate time for processing of your application.

Trainees who will interrupt training for a continuous period of at least 13 weeks
  • If you will be in interrupted training for a continuous period of at least 13 weeks, you may be eligible for a reduced annual training fee.
  • Please apply prospectively for interrupted training if you know which period you will be interrupting your training. Once your application is approved, your invoice will be amended to reflect a pro-rata annual training fee and pro-rata registration maintenance fee based on the months you will be spending in training. 
  • If you plan to interrupt your training during the year but do not yet know the dates, you should pay the full annual training fee now. Once your period of interrupted training has been approved, you will receive a refund for the difference.
  • As effective from 2019 HEY any late application (after 4 weeks of the requested start date for interrupted training) should be submitted with a justification; no fee reduction if there is no justification for late application.
  • Please allow adequate time for processing of your application.

Trainees about to be admitted to fellowship
  • If you are not a fellow by December 31, 2018, you are required to pay the full 2019 annual training fee before your application for admission to fellowship is reviewed by the DPA Assessor. Once you are admitted to fellowship you will receive an annual training fee credit on your invoice for the subscription to fellowship and entrance fee. Your first fellowship subscription fee will be determined by a pro-rata calculation based on the month you are admitted. 
  • See the fellowship page for more information.


Key dates for fees


The application maintenance fee is due by January 31 each year. Non-payment of the fee by March 31 will result in an applicant’s file being archived.



Training fees are due by January 31 each year for trainees in Australia/New Zealand and June 30 for trainees in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. The consequences of non-payment of fees are detailed in the table below:


Key dates for Australia and New Zealand Key dates for Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia Consequences of non-payment of fees
January 31 (fee due) June 30 (fee due) Trainee will be put into interrupted training until fee is paid.
February 28 July 31 Access to the training portfolio system will be disabled.
March 31 August 31 Trainee will be withdrawn from the training program.


ANZCA trainee bursary

ANZCA  makes a number of bursaries available each year to assist anaesthesia trainees who are suffering severe financial hardship

Visit the trainee bursary page for further information.

Further information

For further information on fees please contact training@anzca.edu.au.


Training fees for 2019

Fee type 

Per cent GST  Gross fee
Application fee
Australia 10 $A 740
New Zealand 15 $NZ 845
Application maintenance fee
Australia 10 $A 615
New Zealand 15 $NZ 705
Trainee registration fee
Australia tax free  $A 2395
New Zealand 15 $NZ 3020
Annual training fee
Australia tax free  $A 3245
New Zealand 15 $NZ 4090
Hong Kong, Singapore tax free  $A 2395
Malaysia tax free  $A 600
Registration maintenance fee
Australia tax free  $A 615
New Zealand 15 $NZ 775
Hong Kong, Singapore tax free  $A 685
Malaysia tax free  $A 170
Primary examination fee
Australia tax free  $A 5435
New Zealand 15 $NZ 6855
Primary examination withdrawal fee
Australia tax free  $A 620
New Zealand 15 $NZ 780
Final examination fee
Australia tax free  $A 6045
New Zealand 15 $NZ 7620
Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia tax free  $A 6035
Final examination withdrawal fee
Australia tax free  $A 720
New Zealand 15 $NZ 905
Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia tax free  $A 720
Part-time application fee
Australia tax free  $A 200
New Zealand 15 $NZ 250
Recognition of prior learning fee
Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia tax free  $A 3145
New Zealand 15 $NZ 3965
Preliminary assessment fee
All applicants 10 $A 610
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