Trainees who have completed all requirements of the ANZCA vocational training program may submit an application to be considered for admission to fellowship of ANZCA, as outlined in regulation 6.3 

Preparing your application

Before submitting an application, trainees are required to review their training portfolio system (TPS) and ensure all requirements have been met. 
Application for fellowship can be submitted up to four weeks in advance of the training completion date. Trainees will need to record time and complete the PFR in the TPS before submitting their application.


How to apply

The application form can be emailed, faxed or posted to the college. If applying in advance, the SOT is required to sign the application form.


Email: training@anzca.edu.au
Fax:  +61 3 9510 6786
Mailing address: Fellowship officer, Training and Assessments, Education unit, ANZCA
PO Box 6095, Melbourne Victoria 3004, Australia.

Application approval process

The admission to fellowship date will be determined by the director of professional affairs (DPA Assessor). The DPA Assessor will confirm completion of the vocational training program and endorse applications.
All applications are sent to the ANZCA Executive Committee the day after the confirmed completion date. Admission to fellowship usually occurs the following Wednesday.
New fellows will be notified of the ANZCA Executive Committee’s decision. 


What's Next

Once eligibility to fellowship has been approved by the ANZCA Executive Committee, the new fellow will receive a welcome pack which will include a provisional certificate for fellowship. The provisional certificate can be used to notify AHPRA and MCNZ of the change in registration. 
The new fellow will also be sent an invoice for the entrance and pro-rata annual membership fee. Payment will confirm FANZCA. A diploma will be sent within three months.

Medical Registration
To practise as a specialist in Australia or New Zealand, you will need to submit a registration form directly to relevant regulatory body. With the registration form, you will need to include the application fee and certified copy of the provisional certificate for fellowship.

For Australia, please refer to the AHPRA website
For New Zealand, please refer to the MCNZ website


For Australian citizens and permanent residents of Australia, the college will notify Medicare Australia of your admission as a specialist anaesthetist. Temporary residents, including New Zealand citizens, will need to make an application to Medicare Australia. For further information, please see Medicare Australia’s website  


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